The Proposal (part 28)

“Ugh,” Ayn moaned. Mearzt was sounding like her brother, Nev, but she had to admit, her idea made sense.

“Did you look?” Mearzt asked.

“No, I ran to get my phone as soon as I realized someone had been here.”

“Well, I’ll stay on the line while you do,” Mearzt said.

Ayn groaned. There would be no getting out of this now. Mearzt could be persistent to a fault. “Zoe,” she called.

The beastie ran to her side, and looked up at her. “It’s okay,” Ayn said. Normally this room was off limits to Zoe. It’s where guests were entertained, which mostly meant other science counsel members, and Lettie didn’t want Zoe’s fur everywhere. She was in charge of that, too, making sure the housekeeping staff stayed on top of things.

Ayn and Zoe walked into the room together. Lights came on, illuminating the low, squarish couches, the table in between. Nothing seemed out of place. But something felt off.

“Well?” Mearzt asked.

“I don’t know,” Ayn said slowly. She was reminded of how she’d felt off the night of the new cabinet’s covenant ceremony. How Father Gheraeld had unsettled her just by holding her in his gaze with his gold flecked eyes. And Lettie’s grimace.

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