The Proposal (part 32)

“What an unusual place to sleep,” Lettie said from across the room.

Zoe jumped from the sofa to stand in front of Ayn, hackles raised. “It’s okay, girl,” Ayn soothed stroking the beastie’s back. If I had hackles, she thought, they’d be just like Zoe’s right now. She stared at the iron-haired woman. Impeccably dressed, as always, holding the over-sized phone that was never out of her reach in one hand, and a steaming cup of tea in the other.  “Someone was in the apartment last night,” Ayn said, explaining what had happened in a rush.

“Are you certain?”

Ayn nodded, afraid she would blurt something rude if she spoke. Am I certain? Really?

“I didn’t hear anything to that effect from Security,” Lettie said. “They would have let me know if something had come up in their system. I would be the first person they’d inform.”

Ayn got off the sofa and stood directly in front of Lettie. She glared down at  her dad’s assistant. Ayn was several inches taller, and knew she must look and smell disgusting. She didn’t care. “Don’t you get it? Someone was inside the apartment last night. They took something very valuable.”

“In that case, I’ll call them immediately,” Lettie said, adding. “Since you failed to do so yourself.”

“Why—” Ayn began, but Lettie had inserted an ear piece and was talking before she could finish her sentence. She was going to ask why Lettie was making this her fault. She hadn’t done anything wrong.

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