The Proposal (part 33)

Lettie turned to face Ayn and asked, “What was it they took?”

“Photo images,” Ayn said, explaining about the missing images.

Lettie raised an eyebrow—the gesture Ayn had come to hate. With that single action, Lettie managed to make Ayn feel like she was nothing more than a stupid child. “Very well. Did you hear all of that?” she asked the person she was talking to. “Good… Yes… No… Thank you.” She removed her ear piece and said. “They’ll check the visual records. Now, I suggest you get ready for school.”

“That’s it?”

“What more is there to do?” Lettie said.

Ayn felt her cheeks flush with anger. She made herself take a deep breath before speaking, not wanting to sound like the stupid child Lettie made her feel like. “Where’s my dad?”

“Where do you think he is?”

“He didn’t come home last night,” Ayn said, cringing as her voice cracked with emotion.

“Well then, I would assume he’s working. Or have your friends filled your head with other ideas?” Lettie sipped her tea, and, when Ayn didn’t answer, turned to walk away. “Do what you will about school, but I do believe you have a math test today. And Ayn,” she said before she turned into her dad’s office, “remember that certain standards are expected from a Counsel member’s family.”

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