The Proposal (part 35)

The Black Suit waited at the door of the solar craft as she got in, as if he were afraid she would run off. She wished she were brave enough to do that. But she was too afraid of disappointing her dad. Part of what Lettie said was true, he was working on something that would likely affect everyone on the planet. She should just trust that and relax. But she couldn’t. Too many things felt off.

So she sat in fuming silence as she was chauffeured to school. The solar craft zipped well above the heads of people walking below, gliding easily over the compound’s low buildings. Her mind raced with enough worry and anger to keep any tiredness at bay. And there was fear in the mix as well. What if Lettie was right and she really was being selfish about wanting her dad to be at home with her and Zoe? She was fifteen after all, not a baby anymore. So why did she want, more than anything, to feel her mom stroke her hair and tell her that everything was going to be all right?


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