The Proposal (part 40)

“We’ve heard back from the Security Team,” Lettie said.

Ayn stared, but remained silent, thinking about what Mearzt had said about Lettie taking the images, and wondering why it felt to her like the older woman was gloating now.

“It appears to be someone you know.”

“Who?” Ayn snapped.

“A young man named Nev Culdronei.”

“What?” Ayn cried, jumping to her feet. “That’s ridiculous,” she fumed. “Nev wouldn’t do that. How could he, anyway? He doesn’t have access to the compound.”

Lettie calmly angled her phone so Ayn could see the screen. “See for yourself.” She touched the screen and a grainy, black and white vid began, showing a slender figure covered from head to toe in black, entering their apartment.

“That’s not him,” Ayn said.

“The Security Team has a different opinion.”

“They’re wrong.”

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