The Proposal (part 41)

Lettie turned the vid off, saying calmly. “You’re welcome to take it up with them if you feel they made a mistake. But frankly, I thought you’d be happy to know that the mystery has been solved. You can expect no more disruptions of that kind.” The iron-haired woman flashed a cold smile.

“What are you not saying?” Ayn asked.

“The young man in question has been brought in for questioning. I thought that would be obvious.”

“What!” Ayn cried.

Zoe howled and began barking and pacing around them.

“Please control your beastie,” Lettie said, watching Zoe nervously.

For an instant, Ayn was tempted to let Zoe do whatever she wanted to the older woman. Beasties were fierce defenders when they needed to be. But she couldn’t do that. “Zoe!” she commanded, “Sit!”

The beastie looked at Ayn, but did as she was told. Her tail thumped hard against the walkway’s surface, and her eyes didn’t leave Lettie.

“What’s going on out here?” Her dad asked as he rounded the corner of the apartment building.

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