The Proposal (part 45)

Her dad pulled the chair from her desk and turned it to face the room. He sat, and indicated with a hand for her to do the same as she walked in the room. Ayn waited for the door to close behind her before sitting on the edge of her bed. Zoe sat at her feet. She studied her dad’s face, searching for a clue for what was going on.

“Ayn, I wanted to tell you that we’ve agreed, Lettie and I that is, that it would be best if she move in with us for awhile. Now let me finish,” he said, raising a hand to keep her from interrupting. “I’m going to have to be gone even more for the next few weeks and, since you can’t stay there with me, Lettie said she’d stay here with you.”

“Just let me go stay with Mearzt, dad,” Ayn said. “You know her parents would be fine with that.”

He shook his head. “Not possible.”

“Why?” she demanded. “Is it because your precious Lettie is trying to frame Nev for something he didn’t do?” She knew she’d gone too far when he looked at her like he was looking at a stranger.

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