The Proposal (part 58)

“Have you found the boy?” Lettie asked. She was at her desk, studying something on the screen in front of her.

Ayn knew there was no point in evading that truth. “Yes, but you need to give me some time alone with him.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” Lettie said. “The Black Suits will be out of sight. That was the agreement.”

“Then this isn’t going to happen. Nev is smart enough to smell a Black Suit. He’s only doing this because it’s me asking.”

Lettie stared at Ayn. “Five minutes.”


Lettie sighed. “Five minutes. Then the Black Suits will be there. Unseen, of course,” she raised a hand when Ayn opened her mouth, “until you give them a signal, or of course, if they see that you’re in danger.”

Ayn nodded. “Fine.”

As Lettie handed Ayn the pass card, she smiled. “This will get you out of the compound. As well as let us know where you’re at. Once you meet the boy, press this,” she pointed to a button on the card. “You’ll have five minutes. Then know that the Black Suits will be there.”

Ayn took it and turned to leave.

“You’re welcome,” Lettie said.

Ayn turned. The iron-haired woman was still smiling, in a smug way that made Ayn want to scream. What did she have to be smug about? She left without saying a word.

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