“Look, Janey, that tree’s yawning,” Emma said, pointing to a tree at the end of the block.

“What tree? Where?”

Emma ran up to the tree and pointed up. “Right here, see?”

Her friend squinted her eyes at the tree and tilted her head. “It’s just a tree with a hole in it, and a broken branch.”

Emma sighed. She was hoping Janey might see the same thing she did for once.

“Let’s go to my house and play a game,” Janey suggested.

“All right,” she told her friend, who skipped on ahead. “See you later,” Emma whispered and waved to the tree.

Emma could have sworn, as she turned away, that she heard the tree reply, “Tomorrow…after I sleep some…” She looked back and smiled, then ran to catch up with Janey.


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