Morning Walk

Emma cupped her mittened hand over her mouth and announced in a loud stage whisper, “Look, Daddy, there’s a fog monster.” Her dad chuckled and squeezed her free hand. “Where?” “By that phone pole. See?” She pointed down their street. “He’s yawning.” Emma’s dad squinted into the foggy morning. He sipped his coffee. He tilted

A Christmas Story (part 6)

“We don’t go caroling there,” another girl, Margaret, explained. “That’s old Mary Atkin’s house. No one’s seen her in years. She orders groceries from the store and everything. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her.” “But she’s been listening,” Mellissa said. Everyone laughed and made more rude comments. Tears stung Mellissa’s eyes and she stood

Dr. Suess tree

Further along their walk to the park, Emma pointed out the “Dr. Suess tree” to her mother. “Oh, yes, I see that all right,” Emma’s mother smiled. “It’s dancing!” Emma laughed, skipping ahead. Emma’s mother laughed. “Today, the whole world is like a Dr. Suess book,” she said, and soon found herself skipping along with

Man in the clouds

“Why is there a man in the sky?” Emma asked her mother as they walked. “What man? You mean God?” Emma’s mother asked. “No, no,” Emma said. “God has a beard. That one. In the clouds. See?” She pointed to the sky full of fluffy clouds. Her mother stopped to look, squinting. “Well, honey,” she

Night Walking (part 16)

It was late at night two weeks after the funeral when Phil released Henry into a nearby park. “Be healthy little guy, and stay away from the road,” he called, taking a video with his camera. Henry scampered into a thicket of salal without a backwards glance. Wiping unexpected tears from his eyes, Phil reached

Night Walking (part 15)

The next day Patty went with Phil to tell Tammy. The little girl cried, which caused her little sisters to cry, which upset both Sandy and her boyfriend. “Look,” Sandy said, holding Tammy to her ample bosom, “I think you need to stop coming around here. It’s cool what you’re doing teaching my girl about

Night Walking (part 14)

That night he couldn’t sleep. He slipped out of bed and got dressed to go outside. He had intended to just go sit out on the front steps, but his feet took him down the street as his mind went over the night’s events again. Tammy had felt like their experiment hadn’t worked. The small

Night Walking (part 13)

The next night, Phil asked Sandy if Tammy could go with him to the hospital. After Patty agreed to watch the two little sisters so Sandy and her boyfriend could go out, she agreed. Tammy insisted on holding the shoebox with Henry inside as they made their way to the hospital’s fifth floor, and his