A Halloween Story

“BOO!” wrote the witch, as witches will do. “Oh!” squeaked the pumpkin, seeing what the little girl could not. The little girl felt the newly plucked pumpkin tremble. She stopped where she was in the middle of the pumpkin patch, and listened. “What was it?” whispered the little girl after a moment had passed. “A

Ella’s Dancing Dilemma (part 6)

Our dance class went out for pizza afterwards. Betty wouldn’t stop talking about the ballet. Her enthusiasm helped me forget my dancing blunders, and during the ride home, I promised to teach her everything I had learned in class. As I drifted off to sleep that night, having placed my ballet slippers in their proper

Ella’s Dancing Dilemma (part 5)

Half way through the show, my worst fear came true. I forgot my next move! I was pirouetting right instead of pirouetting left with everyone else! Near panic, I looked off stage, hoping to catch my teacher’s eye, but her attention was on someone else. Then I saw Betty. She was doing her version of

Ella’s Dancing Dilemma (part 4)

Dad pulled into the school parking lot just as mom finished sewing on the last strap. I ran inside to get dressed and warm up with the rest of my class. I hoped no one would notice my mended slipper. The red thread didn’t exactly match the pink satin. Two minutes before the music started,

Ella’s Dancing Dilemma (part 3)

Three steps later I was opening the drawer. “I need these,” I said. “I wanna dance too!” Betty declared, reaching for the slippers at the same time. RRRRIIIIPPPP!!!! Horrified, I stared at Betty, who stared at me with big blue eyes. My strapless ballet slipper lay on the floor between us. “Oh no,” I groaned,

Ella’s Dancing Dilemma (part 2)

I asked my younger brother J.J. if he’d seen them. “Not since last night when you and Betty were twirling all around the living room,” he said, gluing another piece onto his model Viking ship. “Thanks,” I said and went to search the living room. Nothing there, except some cat toys we thought had been

Derek’s Big Day

“Boys and girls!” the Official called, “take your places please!” Nervousness rolled through Derek Firkle’s stomach like a tidal wave. The 75th annual Wiberly County Fair Spit-Ball-Wad Contest was about to begin! His Grandpa Buddy, Spit-Ball Champion of 1942 and 1943, had been coaching him for months. With his new knowledge of angles, arcs and