Fallen Star (part 20)

“There wasn’t any lady,” Stacy announced. Her feet swung inches above the carpet. Jodi swiveled her entire body until she gaped at her sister. “Yes, there was.” Stacy shook her head, the tips of her blonde pony tail hitting the sides of her cheeks. “Uh uh.” Jodi let go of Stacy’s hand and turned to

Fallen Star (part 19)

“I remember all of it,” Stacy volunteered. Since that day, Stacy had abandoned her idea that by not talking about things, you could keep them from being real. She told the story to anyone who listened, and she told Dr. Mitchell everything—from getting up that morning, to taking the bus downtown, to wondering where their

Fallen Star (part 18)

They were asked to tell him everything about the day of the street fair that they could remember. “Why do you need to know that?” Stacy asked. Dr. Mitchell steepled his long fingers under his goateed chin. “Do you remember that day?” “Yes,” Stacy answered. “And you?” he nodded at Jodi. “Some,” Jodi said. “Which

Life Coach

“You are creative,” the Life Coach says. Emma squirms in her seat. “Well, um—” “You are. That’s what I’m hearing. You want to make your living being who you are. Being creative.” She wants to lose herself in the velvety confidence of his voice. To make the deep resonance a cocoon where her limitations dissolve;

Love Potion Number Nine (part 4)

The truth was he’d struck too close to home. No one had ever put into words something I’d feared for quite some time—that I was incapable of loving another person deeply, unconditionally. Of course I felt caring affection for others, but not the kind of deep love that I thought should be there, especially for

Love Potion Number Nine (part 3)

The girls are anxious during dinner, asking the same questions they’ve asked a million times already. Will daddy come home soon? We’ll see. Why don’t you love each other anymore? No, that’s not it. It’s hard to explain. Will you stop loving us, too? No, never, I assure them, but it’s not enough to stop