She wonders when there will be time again to court her Muse. To take her for long, solitary walks, and plunge with her deeply into dreams, where they dove together without caution, through tempests of color, desires, emotions, only to merge back into the world, no longer ordinary, having been touched by the sublime, having

Orchid (part 10)

In an instant she stands before me. The air becomes charged with an electric-like energy. My skin prickles with tension. Looking into her eyes, I sense my balance shifting. My vision becomes kaleidoscopic. I see bits and pieces of human life from a point above it all. Birth, love, friendship, deceit, hate, death. Strangely fascinating,

Bedtime Wishes

As you close your eyes to sleep this night, these simple wishes I leave with you… …that a puppy’s joy of life and passion to play live always inside your heart… …that, like a cat, you know you only deserve the best… …that you never stop believing in those things your eyes cannot see… …that

Love Potion Number Nine (part 11)

My sleep was full of dreams that night. But the only one I remembered in clear detail was me walking down the middle of a stream. I was following a snake that shimmied along the surface of the water. As it glided along, it shed its skin. First a black skin, which I picked up

Love Potion Number Nine (part 9)

LouAnne and Tina began writing immediately. It was like they’d had this stored up and were channeling the information. But I hesitated, suddenly afraid. I’d had fleeting romances and mad crushes, but had never known real love, the kind where you want that person around forever. So what if I did something wrong with this

Into the Woods (part 7)

A deep warmth spreads throughout her chest. “Oh, but this hurts too much. It’s too raw.” “Like the newly hatched butterfly. But it will get better. The pain is deep, but the ecstasy…oh, yes…” She-cat bends and gathers the salt from the woman’s tears off the ground and holds the tiny crystals between her palms.

Into the Woods (part 6)

She wakes to bird songs and the warmth of Helios against her skin. She flutters tired eyes open and watches as the demon melts with the morning mist. She imagines a plaintive hhiiisssss… as its body turns to smoke. A mountain lion walks slowly through the mist toward her. Golden sunlight sparkles off its green