Fallen Star (part 39)

Jodi was starving. She took out the almonds and protein bar, thinking about what had just happened. Maybe she’d fallen and bumped her head. But she didn’t really believe that was all of it. Jodi realized that she had been keeping secrets as much as their mom had. Only she’d been keeping the secret from

Fallen Star (part 38)

*** Rain beat Jodi’s face. She sputtered, rolling to her side and sitting slowly against a tree trunk. She straightened the glasses on her nose. “What… where…” She was off trail, in a stand of trees. Her bike lay on its side several feet away, along with her backpack. She got up stiffly to retrieve

Fallen Star (part 33)

Her face was kind, and at the same time, Jodi knew that the tattooed lady across from her would see through any lies. There wasn’t room in this cozy little cottage for anything but the truth. The tattooed lady lay another card on the table. As before, pictures formed in Jodi’s mind. Fragments of memories

Fallen Star (part 25)

No one had told her and Stacy what had happened to their mother, other than she was dead. Their father and step-mother had kept media out of the house, no television or radios had been turned on without them being present, they’d stopped their subscription to the newspaper, and had enrolled Stacy and Jodi in

Fallen Star (part 20)

“There wasn’t any lady,” Stacy announced. Her feet swung inches above the carpet. Jodi swiveled her entire body until she gaped at her sister. “Yes, there was.” Stacy shook her head, the tips of her blonde pony tail hitting the sides of her cheeks. “Uh uh.” Jodi let go of Stacy’s hand and turned to

Fallen Star (part 19)

“I remember all of it,” Stacy volunteered. Since that day, Stacy had abandoned her idea that by not talking about things, you could keep them from being real. She told the story to anyone who listened, and she told Dr. Mitchell everything—from getting up that morning, to taking the bus downtown, to wondering where their

Fallen Star (part 7)

She took Stacy’s hand and stepped in the woman’s direction, when somewhere in the crowd she heard another woman scream, followed by a man shouting, “Stop!” Jodi squinted in the direction that the sounds were coming from, unaware that she was squeezing Stacy’s hand until her sister cried, “Ow! Stop it.” Stacy yanked her hand

Fallen Star (part 6)

There was a tattoo on the back of the woman’s hand that matched the six-sided star on the sign above her head. Jodi wasn’t sure what the word “Psychic” meant. She wondered if it had to do with stars? Or cards? Maybe the lady sold cards like the ones she was holding, although there weren’t

Fallen Star (part 5)

“That’s gross, Stacy,” Jodi chided as her sister bent to retrieve the spun sugar at her feet. “I spent my last two dollars on this.” Stacy cried, reaching for the melting blue mess just as a woman stepped out from the booth across the aisle. She stood looking at them from under a sign that