The Proposal (part 54)

“Rather ugly words coming from the mouth of such a beautiful young woman.” Ayn turned at the sound of Father Gheraeld’s deep voice. She watched him walk through the other Counsel members, who made way for him wordlessly, until he was standing in front of she and Lettie. On the other side of the door,

The Proposal (part 16)

Lettie looked up at her with unreadable blue eyes, and Ayn knew it would be better to be quiet and follow. They entered a sparsely furnished room where several men and women clustered together, talking quietly in groups. Ayn recognized many of them as being other Counsel members. At the far end of the room

Backpack (part 3)

Haley nodded. “You can wait out here in the lobby,” the museum lady said. She escorted Haley to the a brown chair that sat in front of a glass wall and beneath a car suspended from the ceiling with rods of light coming out of its gleaming white body from every possible angle. Haley sat,

Backpack (part 2)

The woman’s straight eyebrows furrowed. She cocked her head. “It’ll be perfectly safe here,” she said, and added when Haley shook her head, “I can promise you that.” It took all Haley’s will not to laugh out loud. Promises. Worse than please. She watched the two shrunken, wrinkled women in charge of the bins. Each

Backpack (part 1)

“Miss?” Haley snapped her head towards the woman addressing her. Thin. Older. Glasses. Nice clothes. Badge. Someone in charge. Any one of these would have put Haley’s defenses up. But this morning it was the last one. Someone in charge. “Yeah?” she said, warily. The woman’s eyes opened wider for an instant before she covered

Fallen Star (part 14)

“What about their mother?” someone asked. Throughout the crowd, other voices echoed the sentiment. “Please folks, move along,” the officer instructed. Jodi watched the tattooed woman leave with the rest of the crowd. She didn’t understand. Why was she leaving? How could she do that? She was the only other one who knew. She tried

Fallen Star (part 12)

Jodi’s fear made her bold, made her strong enough to push her way through the jostling crowd, while Stacy held tight to her waist. Breathless, she reached the inner circle. Anger. In the air. On her skin. In her mind. Pouring out her mouth. “They killed her!” Jodi screamed. The officer only took time to

Fallen Star (part 11)

The crowd closed in around the downed boys, their joined voices an excited rumble of indistinguishable noise. In the distance, sirens blared, their wail becoming more shrill as they drew nearer to the street fair. “I want mama!” Stacy wailed, tears and snot flowing freely. “Let’s go to that lost and found.” Jodi looked at