Into the Woods (part 7)

A deep warmth spreads throughout her chest. “Oh, but this hurts too much. It’s too raw.” “Like the newly hatched butterfly. But it will get better. The pain is deep, but the ecstasy…oh, yes…” She-cat bends and gathers the salt from the woman’s tears off the ground and holds the tiny crystals between her palms.

Into the Woods (part 6)

She wakes to bird songs and the warmth of Helios against her skin. She flutters tired eyes open and watches as the demon melts with the morning mist. She imagines a plaintive hhiiisssss… as its body turns to smoke. A mountain lion walks slowly through the mist toward her. Golden sunlight sparkles off its green

Into the Woods (part 5)

She rolled off it and lay back on the ground, panting and shaking. She was alive. And she began to laugh—a creaky, croaky sound at first, then loud, joyous, raucous. She stood, leapt around the dead demon and pranced through the grove—a dance with herself and Luna and the twinkling stars above. She danced and

Into the Woods (part 4)

The fire died and the grove was swallowed in velvety darkness as Luna slipped behind clouds. She didn’t know how long they danced, time didn’t exist in his arms, so she wasn’t aware when her strength first began to wane. Maybe when he called her beautiful and said he couldn’t live without her. Maybe when

Into the Woods (part 3)

“Dearest one, come back.” A gentle touch on her cheek, a warm fingertip gliding down her neck and arm, a hand closing around hers. Warmth, luscious warmth. “Please,” the voice—soft, coaxing. Lips brushing her cheek, hair, forehead. “Don’t leave me.” She opened her eyes. Kneeling before her in the gathering twilight was a man, dark

Pandora’s Box (part 1)

“Isabelle,” I squirmed in my seat, trying not to touch her knees, “my intention for being here is… to learn how to take charge of my life, number one, and… to be open minded to all life has to offer.” My randomly-selected partner for this exercise glared. “And you’re supposed to answer back,” I reminded