The Proposal (part 6)

“Not sure, exactly,” Mearzt whispered. “Only, Nev heard a rumor that Father Gheraeld’s cabinet has been in secret talks with them.” Relief and disappointment rushed through Ayn in a rush of breath. Mearzt’s older brother, Nev, was always talking about some conspiracy or another to do with Father Gheraeld’s cabinet. Still, Ayn didn’t much like

The Proposal (part 5)

She’d talked with her best friend while walking home from school that day. After she and Mearzt had gotten caught up on all that had happened since they’d last spoken, Mearzt’s voice had lowered to a whisper. “Has your dad said anything about the Terrestrials?” Ayn stopped walking, her heart speeding up in her chest,

Fallen Star (part 38)

*** Rain beat Jodi’s face. She sputtered, rolling to her side and sitting slowly against a tree trunk. She straightened the glasses on her nose. “What… where…” She was off trail, in a stand of trees. Her bike lay on its side several feet away, along with her backpack. She got up stiffly to retrieve

Fallen Star (part 25)

No one had told her and Stacy what had happened to their mother, other than she was dead. Their father and step-mother had kept media out of the house, no television or radios had been turned on without them being present, they’d stopped their subscription to the newspaper, and had enrolled Stacy and Jodi in

Fallen Star (part 14)

“What about their mother?” someone asked. Throughout the crowd, other voices echoed the sentiment. “Please folks, move along,” the officer instructed. Jodi watched the tattooed woman leave with the rest of the crowd. She didn’t understand. Why was she leaving? How could she do that? She was the only other one who knew. She tried

Blindsided (part 13)

“Yeah, that’s nice and all—” Jack says. “Those experiences are what made me decide to enter law enforcement,” Officer Petty continues as if Jack hadn’t spoken. “How’s that?” I ask. I’m aware that Jack’s nostrils are flared, and he’s pursing his mouth, a sure sign he’s getting annoyed. He whips out his phone, keys in

Blindsided (part 10)

Officer Petty’s eyes go wide. “I didn’t realize that. I was part of the group, too, but I guess it was after you’d graduated because I never saw you. Your name came up though, especially every time we dropped toys off. Mrs. Galloway always mentioned you and how you had a way with kids.” Mrs.

Love Potion Number Nine (part 7)

I looked at my roommate with one eyebrow cocked and did not miss the fact that Casie was hiding something behind her back when she stood before us again. LouAnne crossed her arms and legs. “What does ethereal have to do with finding a guy?” “Yeah,” Tina nodded, crossing her arms and legs, too. “Ethereal