The Proposal (part 54)

“Rather ugly words coming from the mouth of such a beautiful young woman.” Ayn turned at the sound of Father Gheraeld’s deep voice. She watched him walk through the other Counsel members, who made way for him wordlessly, until he was standing in front of she and Lettie. On the other side of the door,

The Proposal (part 49)

It was obvious as soon as the Counsel began arriving that everyone was on edge about something. They stood in the living room, not even bothering to sit, drinking cocktails and eating finger food, their conversation a buzz of topics Ayn mostly didn’t understand until Professor Chirwnoff said, “That’s right, the mine’s been closed now

The Proposal (part 32)

“What an unusual place to sleep,” Lettie said from across the room. Zoe jumped from the sofa to stand in front of Ayn, hackles raised. “It’s okay, girl,” Ayn soothed stroking the beastie’s back. If I had hackles, she thought, they’d be just like Zoe’s right now. She stared at the iron-haired woman. Impeccably dressed,