She wonders when there will be time again to court her Muse. To take her for long, solitary walks, and plunge with her deeply into dreams, where they dove together without caution, through tempests of color, desires, emotions, only to merge back into the world, no longer ordinary, having been touched by the sublime, having

Listen to me

Emma and her mother walked slowly back from their picnic at the neighborhood park, laughing as they recalled all the fun they’d had. As they rounded another corner, they both had to stop and stare. “Was that tree like that when we came this way before?” Emma’s mother asked, pointing to the tree with a

Dr. Suess tree

Further along their walk to the park, Emma pointed out the “Dr. Suess tree” to her mother. “Oh, yes, I see that all right,” Emma’s mother smiled. “It’s dancing!” Emma laughed, skipping ahead. Emma’s mother laughed. “Today, the whole world is like a Dr. Suess book,” she said, and soon found herself skipping along with

Night Walking (part 16)

It was late at night two weeks after the funeral when Phil released Henry into a nearby park. “Be healthy little guy, and stay away from the road,” he called, taking a video with his camera. Henry scampered into a thicket of salal without a backwards glance. Wiping unexpected tears from his eyes, Phil reached

Night Walking (part 14)

That night he couldn’t sleep. He slipped out of bed and got dressed to go outside. He had intended to just go sit out on the front steps, but his feet took him down the street as his mind went over the night’s events again. Tammy had felt like their experiment hadn’t worked. The small

Night Walking (part 1)

No one ever knew who had hit Arlene Mertz. Her son, Phil Mertz, hadn’t been aware his mother wasn’t sleeping in her room until the police woke him at three a.m. to inform him she was seriously injured. “Hit and run,” the young officer said. He looked shaken, pale. “She’s just across the street, there,”