“Peek-a-boo!” As Emma’s peal of laughter filled the sun-dappled air, her parents, Tracy and Eric, turned from the picnic table towards the sound of their daughter’s voice. Tracy gasped. Their daughter stood before an ancient, sun-kissed tree, slowly covering and uncovering her eyes playing the age-old game with— “What is that?” Eric asked, his voice

Night Walking (part 16)

It was late at night two weeks after the funeral when Phil released Henry into a nearby park. “Be healthy little guy, and stay away from the road,” he called, taking a video with his camera. Henry scampered into a thicket of salal without a backwards glance. Wiping unexpected tears from his eyes, Phil reached

Into the Woods (part 7)

A deep warmth spreads throughout her chest. “Oh, but this hurts too much. It’s too raw.” “Like the newly hatched butterfly. But it will get better. The pain is deep, but the ecstasy…oh, yes…” She-cat bends and gathers the salt from the woman’s tears off the ground and holds the tiny crystals between her palms.