Change in the Weather

“Looks like rain,” Emma’s Grandma Frances said, looking up. Emma squinted up at the vast blue sky, then at her grandmother. “Where?” she asked. “On its way.” Grandma Frances nodded. “Let’s you and I find a place to wait it out.” “A place to hide?” Emma asked, excited by the idea of a new game.


“…nine, ten! Ready or not, here I come!” Janey laughed, and scanned the grove of trees for her friend. Emma covered her mouth to keep from laughing and crouched low to the ground behind the tree. She’d picked the tree because it wasn’t very cute—kind of like a slug with arms. She thought it might

Self consciousness

Walker flinches at the sound of footfalls behind her. Jogger, from behind: “On your right!” Walker, as Jogger passes on the right: “Thank you.” Jogger, passing: “Welcome.” Then, the Jogger looks over her shoulder—eyes wide, brows furrowed—before galloping down the hill. Walker wonders: What?! What are you staring at? Why are you frowning? Her self-consciousness