Fallen Star (part 38)

*** Rain beat Jodi’s face. She sputtered, rolling to her side and sitting slowly against a tree trunk. She straightened the glasses on her nose. “What… where…” She was off trail, in a stand of trees. Her bike lay on its side several feet away, along with her backpack. She got up stiffly to retrieve

Fallen Star (part 26)

It began to rain. Jodi barely noticed. As soon as she saw her mom’s name, tears pricked her eyes and spilled over, mixing with the rain drops hitting the paper. It wasn’t long before it was impossible to tell if it was tears or rain making the words harder to read. Brenda May Sutters, aged

Fallen Star (part 23)

“Take the phone at least.” Her step-mother held out a pink-cased cell phone. Both she and Stacy had been given cells phones when they’d moved in, something their mother had never been able to afford. “Thanks,” Jodi mumbled. She stashed the phone in the back pouch of her bike jacket, along with extra protein bars