She wonders when there will be time again to court her Muse. To take her for long, solitary walks, and plunge with her deeply into dreams, where they dove together without caution, through tempests of color, desires, emotions, only to merge back into the world, no longer ordinary, having been touched by the sublime, having


“…nine, ten! Ready or not, here I come!” Janey laughed, and scanned the grove of trees for her friend. Emma covered her mouth to keep from laughing and crouched low to the ground behind the tree. She’d picked the tree because it wasn’t very cute—kind of like a slug with arms. She thought it might

The Proposal (part 34)

A Black Suit—the compound’s security team—showed up forty minutes later to take Ayn to school. “I thought you said I could do whatever I wanted,” she snapped. She hadn’t intended to stay home, but she resented Lettie presuming that she would. She wasn’t stupid, she knew she could fail her dad. Lettie didn’t try to

The Proposal (part 12)

“Nice to meet you—” he began, taking her hand to shake. “I’m Lettie Molyzner. I’ve been assigned to you during your term.” She smiled, letting go of his hand and turning her attention to Ayn. “And this must be your daughter, Ayn.” Ayn stepped from the solar craft and stood beside her dad. “Nice to