The Proposal (part 49)

It was obvious as soon as the Counsel began arriving that everyone was on edge about something. They stood in the living room, not even bothering to sit, drinking cocktails and eating finger food, their conversation a buzz of topics Ayn mostly didn’t understand until Professor Chirwnoff said, “That’s right, the mine’s been closed now

The Proposal (part 48)

She was checking to see if Mearzt had left messages when Lettie called through the door, “Please be ready in ten minutes, Ayn.” Ayn jumped as if she’d been caught cheating on a test. She mouthed a curse, but called back, “Okay,” then, remembering her mom’s advice, added, “thank you.” It wasn’t easy being nice

The Proposal (part 46)

“Nev is full of hot air, that’s all,” Ayn continued. “I mean, did you see the vid? It was laughable.” “Ayn—” “I’ll bet she—” “Ayn.” The hard edge in her dad’s voice silenced her. “Nev is not as innocent as you think.” “He didn’t take those photo images,” Ayn said. “I don’t know about that,”

The Proposal (part 42)

“Oh, Professor Hyarzden,” Lettie began, “I was only updating your daughter about the young man—” “Nev,” her dad finished, shaking his head. “Dad, you don’t believe what she’s saying, do you?” Ayn was incredulous. “Did you see the so-called evidence she produced?” Her dad frowned. “Ayn, you will not be rude to Lettie, she—” “She’s

The Proposal (part 39)

Once she felt safe from secruity cameras, she she took out her phone and touched the message icon. “This seems excessive, even for Mearzt,” she mumbled, scrolling through her friend’s messages, which were mostly, “Call me!” Ayn did, without scrolling to the end. Mearzt answered before the first ring finished. “What took you so long?”