Change in the Weather

“Looks like rain,” Emma’s Grandma Frances said, looking up. Emma squinted up at the vast blue sky, then at her grandmother. “Where?” she asked. “On its way.” Grandma Frances nodded. “Let’s you and I find a place to wait it out.” “A place to hide?” Emma asked, excited by the idea of a new game.

A Halloween Story

“BOO!” wrote the witch, as witches will do. “Oh!” squeaked the pumpkin, seeing what the little girl could not. The little girl felt the newly plucked pumpkin tremble. She stopped where she was in the middle of the pumpkin patch, and listened. “What was it?” whispered the little girl after a moment had passed. “A

Love Potion Number Nine (part 9)

LouAnne and Tina began writing immediately. It was like they’d had this stored up and were channeling the information. But I hesitated, suddenly afraid. I’d had fleeting romances and mad crushes, but had never known real love, the kind where you want that person around forever. So what if I did something wrong with this

Love Potion Number Nine (part 8)

“But first,” Casie said, “we’ll need supplies.” So we all piled into LouAnne’s car because hers was cleanest, and drove to a nearby mall. We hit the stationary store first, where we each spent an inordinate amount of time choosing the perfect pens and paper. Next, a health food store where herbs were purchased along

Love Potion Number Nine (part 7)

I looked at my roommate with one eyebrow cocked and did not miss the fact that Casie was hiding something behind her back when she stood before us again. LouAnne crossed her arms and legs. “What does ethereal have to do with finding a guy?” “Yeah,” Tina nodded, crossing her arms and legs, too. “Ethereal