A Christmas Story (part 10)

Mellissa opened her eyes and smiled. “In glorious days of old, that angels bending near the earth, did play their harps of gold…” The sister’s voices merged and floated into the house of Mary Atkins. Enveloped in music, the old woman stood a little straighter and didn’t notice the tears running down her cheeks as

A Christmas Story (part 9)

Mellissa lifted her head and began to sing. Her voice was clear and sweet, not beautiful, but full on this cold night. It carried itself in a tufted cloud up the porch steps, through the cracks around the door and into the straining ears of Mary Atkins, who stood motionless behind dusty lace curtains. Several

Silent Night

The crowd buzzed. Thousands of onlookers packed into the street to witness the tree lighting extravaganza. She’d never been to one of these ceremonies before. She didn’t know what to expect. She just hoped to hear some good holiday songs. She loved Christmas carols—this was her guilty secret—not the weird modern ones, it was the

Love Potion Number Nine (part 8)

“But first,” Casie said, “we’ll need supplies.” So we all piled into LouAnne’s car because hers was cleanest, and drove to a nearby mall. We hit the stationary store first, where we each spent an inordinate amount of time choosing the perfect pens and paper. Next, a health food store where herbs were purchased along