The Proposal (part 53)

“So, it’s true? You’re using Terrestrials to harvest minerals?” Ayn’s sense of unreality grew as she watched her dad’s face twist into a grimace. “Ayn,” he said, “that is so far beyond the point of this conversation between you and I right now. This is about survival.” “You’re scaring me,” she said. “You should be

The Proposal (part 42)

“Oh, Professor Hyarzden,” Lettie began, “I was only updating your daughter about the young man—” “Nev,” her dad finished, shaking his head. “Dad, you don’t believe what she’s saying, do you?” Ayn was incredulous. “Did you see the so-called evidence she produced?” Her dad frowned. “Ayn, you will not be rude to Lettie, she—” “She’s

The Proposal (part 33)

Lettie turned to face Ayn and asked, “What was it they took?” “Photo images,” Ayn said, explaining about the missing images. Lettie raised an eyebrow—the gesture Ayn had come to hate. With that single action, Lettie managed to make Ayn feel like she was nothing more than a stupid child. “Very well. Did you hear

The Proposal (part 32)

“What an unusual place to sleep,” Lettie said from across the room. Zoe jumped from the sofa to stand in front of Ayn, hackles raised. “It’s okay, girl,” Ayn soothed stroking the beastie’s back. If I had hackles, she thought, they’d be just like Zoe’s right now. She stared at the iron-haired woman. Impeccably dressed,

The Proposal (part 30)

“Did anyone in the compound know your mom before she, you know, died?” Mearzt asked gently. “Probably. Maybe. I don’t’ know,” Ayn cried, her throat tight with tears. What if she couldn’t recover the images from the frames hard drive? “And even if there is, why would they do this?” “Don’t know,” Mearzt said through

The Proposal (part 23)

Her dad was preoccupied during the ride home. For awhile the whir of the solar craft was the only noise. Ayn watched the compound buildings change to the open country where there small town was. She shifted in her seat, unable to get the images of Lettie’s tight-lipped mouth and Father Gheraeld’s gold flecked eyes

The Proposal (part 20)

“Tell me, are you as interested in plant biology as she was?” “Not really, sir, no,” Ayn said. “Genetics then, like your father?” Ayn shook her head, biting her lower lip. When was this interview or whatever it was going to end? “What are your interests then?” “Animals,” Ayn said, “but not in the same