The Proposal (part 18)

“Go on,” Lettie prompted. “You have ten minutes.” Ten minutes sounded like a life time to Ayn, but she squared her shoulders and walked inside. She stood just inside the threshold as the door clicked shut behind her and stared at the wall opposite her. “It’s glass,” a voice to her right spoke. Ayn jumped

The Proposal (part 16)

Lettie looked up at her with unreadable blue eyes, and Ayn knew it would be better to be quiet and follow. They entered a sparsely furnished room where several men and women clustered together, talking quietly in groups. Ayn recognized many of them as being other Counsel members. At the far end of the room

The Proposal (part 8)

“It’ll be good for us to be somewhere else for awhile,” her dad said. “We’ll be able to come back here when you’re done with your term? That’s what they said?” Ayn said. “That’s the plan.” “It’s weird to think of it being empty for the next two years,” she said. They’d already packed what


“Looks like aliens have landed on the neighbor’s roof!” Howard called. “What’s that?” Mary asked, slathering her face with cold cream. “Come and look, would ya?” “Howard, you need to stop reading Ray Bradbury before bed,” Mary laughed. “You see aliens everywhere.” “What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with using my imagination once in awhile?”