Blindsided (part 11)

Six months when by. The Toy Brigade was picking up new members, getting write ups in the local papers. I was making friends. Then I met Jack. He was new in town, new to our school, and new in our Freshman class. Handsome. Outgoing. Not someone who I thought would ever pay attention to me.

Blindsided (part 10)

Officer Petty’s eyes go wide. “I didn’t realize that. I was part of the group, too, but I guess it was after you’d graduated because I never saw you. Your name came up though, especially every time we dropped toys off. Mrs. Galloway always mentioned you and how you had a way with kids.” Mrs.

Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 10)

This happened for several days before Mrs. Brightwood realized what Rosie was doing. “You’re giving Lily your toy?” she said. “Oh, you sweet cat.” She picked Rosie up and kissed her. Mrs. Brightwood cleaned up the little red mouse. She stitched on a new face and ears and remade the tail with new yarn so

Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 9)

Rosie liked the way Lily smelled and her coos and gurgles and sleeping snorts. She even liked the bubbles she made as she slept. She didn’t care for the dirty diapers, or the crying. When those things happened, she ran outside to play with Bert. That night Rosie woke up when she heard Lily fussing.

Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 8)

Mrs. Brightwood carried Rosie to the nursery. Mr. Brightwood followed, carrying the bundled thing in front of him. Mrs. Brightwood sat Rosie on the window sill above the crib and lifted the bundled thing out of its carrier. She unwrapped it. It started to wiggle a little. “Rosie,” she said, removing the hat from the

Rosie’s Little Red Mouse (part 4)

“I’m not ready!” Rosie meowed, squirming. “I have to find my little red mouse!” Mr. Brightwood carried her towards the blue plastic cat carrier sitting on the floor. Rosie struggled harder. She didn’t like the carrier. It smelled unnatural and was cramped and hard, even with a towel set on the floor. Being put into